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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 2, 2016 12:37am-1:37am PST

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co anmediid davro c -ss- simufrc xommb asaasrsdo- - fe uratg ine th b8gd anthwi kglene.otch ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] esladi g andemtlen, thseey ms!er >> h: setd gooineven'mg, i th seer meys. is th"l is niate "ght. ishow ry eve dbody toinghtonig? ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] at thon's wulderfhe to ar. in t tha, cases let'toget the wsne. in he tos msht kioctong sf ry o wethe a ek, ywhollacood tor ta tlkeddro a eaug dler. la [ erught ] 's itnd bouha to .ppen camexifin ofs cialalreveed su tndayfuhat vegitig dru, lord hael cnepo, earlyedscap by us a ing etsecrrw dooiday hden ndbehiir a m wror, which ould ve hae madarit h cd toreaptu him si mence hxicoo as nadextrn itio emagrewient arth nnia. [ htlauger ]
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gothe gldens lobe hwerelaeld st t nighosin lel anges. th obe gleres wlde hetl mos y by ledoubed-side. tap ug[ la ]hter [ rschee a anduspplae ] awhatht nig. at whig a nht! dofor -suble tidedape. le doonarap dicworio e n th best ac awtor atard t last'nighs go gldens lobehifor s rf pencorma te inilhe fhem "t ve re."nant ca di sprioitaid a wasl rea al che lengusbeca se asneomeo who da sutes moper , dels nhe's ever al readly hde to ital wr.h fu la [ erught ] reyou'nk thiabing itout . ug[ la ]hter me soyo of e u arkithinbong aut it . na doruld tn mp iw a nervinteiew nt cod inueueto qn stiocrted uz's el iligibfoity esr prt idenand sa f id ireyou'n boranin c ada, iit'siammed atelytl litt e biof pr a m.oble pa aplyrentmp truie belthves at if w you'terenn borhein t., u.s
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pl[ ap ]ause ee[ chndrs ala app]use th ite whuse hovee re oaledver wethe d eken pthatderesibant oma pr elivatt y me with rn beanie s adershend we n sh d hear, thisarhilliny clfaton ke sm siledrdo har , he tearsedouch t inache bk. [ htlauger ] wothe farld- pmousoylaybsi manon f isalor se. illucko y, sleis bach. la [ erught ] u yot mighk thin bit'surad tning a onck blaht ligth in bere,ut it ot's n. ca beituse o 's srecoved -- la [ erught ] rsrumo s areinwirlatg thle app y ma ocomeitut wlih a f ne o
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th orat fe somrefututh bir day, de hnnis toff,wnhe of er o ne 'svadaou famnns buncy rah ot brhahel nos and unceilhe wl n rusefor inate16n 20en, ev ou thhegh ty onlriexpe hencee s ha pwithicolit iianslls teing th o em te "com sback"oon! ug[ la ]hter pl[ ap ]ause e thagvill we ofsbhite noro,ew yo herk, vld atoote ovday er wh r ethetothe hown schuld ange it als seer afts it'edcall ci raorst fwi sho wng a hite se r ttleinchoknag a tive icameran. [ htlauger ] fo alr re. id sa n onee ativicamer"wan, hile reyou'it at 'r, wet e noy craz t abounathe f me otothe wn ei ."ther ug[ la ]hter an ia indigna hhoh scasol h ar stseted g rvinalso-cled nd saeswichsh of toame de stunts dwithonebt ir thech lun co ac.unts gr eat. w"nowvee haco to p me u awith w neanslogai," sbwd suay. au [ cedien ] ohs et>> shah: widt, det som hing enhapp? la [ erught ] a s texawaman res ar fstedor me phthaminetamsse poonessier aft
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ir shtht wi p thee hras't"don th meh witme." te afopr prg osinisto h rl gindfriea in l locaarwalmt, a mi anchig w manrras ad este last fweekhoor stiplif vng atoibrar d anleedibng thom froara neby se orx ste. 's heng beirg chaited wh op prg osinisto hlf gird rienin a wa t.lmar la [ erught ] ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] n' ca tt dohat. th e e one.plac an nad fi tlly,aihe dealy bst is thke weeannd rat a dading vice ar e ticledtitlen "wh f youinall wlovea ith ppstrier." id sa s thectubjeth of ore sty, wh e en w imet,ug thot ht iwas de y.stin itbut a wasllctuaysy crtal. de y stinthhad ghe nif.t of ug[ la ]hter -we - ee[ chndrs ala app]use u yo, guysn'i do it --ot'm n st juin sayisg th. we e haveaa growt sh y forou to t.nigh he th is ste ho"t of aihe dly ow sh c" ony omedracentl. ortrevh noas joinonus t!ight [ rschee a anduspplae ] ho ouw abatt th? , also ahe'sy very funn aman, nt fac astir.acto he in is t the shirdn easoof od "trgd ma" aretfcon i. vi daosd cr ss isintopp tg byhe sh onow t.ight ch [ aeersppnd ae laus]
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weand e havc musi tfromrehe gat w ne ryorkbaock and xsambasdors wi e ll binjoin tg usevhis g.enin ee[ chndrs ala app]use bebut wforet e gehato ts t, ai me nentiorld ea mier,anexic fi ofs cialurcaptoted nusorio dr orug load, j gquinn,uzmao als kn asown ch el fapo,y ridat.nigh wh thile tae deofils c thereaptu fwerenaasci tted,wehey re ic qudwkly d arfeheby tt facthat mo enthserarli c, el shapoat do itwn wanh sen pena for "r ngolline stote" inw.rvie r fo omoreisn th's, ite timfor "a se clookr lo." s >> yeth:ayou mw knohael cpo is e onexof ms ico' pmostfuowerl ug drg kin apinsnend oth of e rl womod's anst wfuted vegitis, t bu khe's anownchs mu h foris ro n le icomexiru's dr g wae as h oris f c hisivreatyse wa of ge g i >>01n 20 e, heedscapm frothe me n xica-shighitecurisy pron pu gentee randidby hining a la y undr acartosnd mcet re ntly eheapsc fedm roe thximam mu risecultty anoiplaso pri n in .july onpriseo vidws sho c himllasuay licrawntng ihoo a n le illa ce
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es ngcapi d, heitoes ua caslly. li [ laght erught ] b hes urstofout l jaiwathe y he otopr peeale wakr khn is oa id fray. st lar yeasche e tapedghhrou a le mig -loneltunnh witt ligh ilventn atioa and srailm.yste cohow eluld po chaan's gilg bud ch suop a sichist tatedl unne withint betig noced? we ppll atlarenary gut ds athe pr nison beverreothed to in igvest qate,, uote loud mm hag erincland ngangind sous mi corong f cm el'shapol. cel ug[ la ]hter beand yforeudou jnyge afoone r no ig mringanexicng cla aing,sk yo lfurset whadiyou e d th last atimeia marbachi land ponyed ur yowa suby. ma i yede eta conitct wemh th. , nodiyou .dn't [ htlauger ] wh elile po cha c wasreaptud id frigay nftht a fer aigirefht, cnand s n wallthrio ed tgibrinng ot foofage h the aotelriuthoties he imld h in. hi>> ttes ho ll isedocatth on e ts ous kirtheof tn. tow ywhenooou l ik att't, is a pe t rfece placfefor l dera thauieorit bs to eringapl cho. ok loth at is.
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it n s owgegarapa sce. fa sirlyartandomd ro. t goila toet. it ot's gho a swer. an 'sd it a gotk sinwaand p sh-u .area an 'sd itat lociged ry ht bthe hi y.ghwa heso trere aot a lth of ings mthatthake oois rmom aldest ial r fojothe atb thy thehad. >> he is or rep otinge n thl hote dvor asiertiorng f it? [ htlauger ] at thar's msatin e,vidgas or 's heo alsn,know t thegoriva y. gu refor s port clike wnn'ssoere on di a t stanrymemoau becn se o sa ayturdis, thto phofa surced. d anfithe qurst onestiry eveone as waked was, "whit, onich e is th gie fu?"tive [ htlauger ] him? t bu obothemf the livhein t ju , nglet?righ no? .okay thbut coe seuend qn stioyoeverne ke ass d wadihow ad an gctoret ntan iewervih witnta waed fu vegiti. e thd worl'thasnn seehianytng li hike tncs silee elmpn po eo's 20 i11erntewvif oamosbia n n ladekofor tismo ztleddaero rk
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etsecrryly t. bu tt it ournshaut t ct el hapo a is owares f hilaown trgerhan li epfe rioutatd n anhuhis goge e aris p wt oflehat hd tois ca e pturrion fday. ay>> me hav hbeenwoollyod dr eams pthatheut tt mosmoinfaruus dg rd lok bacndbehis. bar he>> tor attgeney l nera said anguzmes's dtoire e makvia moe ab hiout f mselhiand s te inioractthn widu pro acersnd to acvers ellntuad y leisto h re arst. o >>iafficayls sy the awereble octo lhiate ecm, b hauseis esreprtientaweves onre cintactg od prs uceracand setress. >> h: setba so wsd ne. th ce el mhapo iovieobs pr ably olon hd. e th ngood iews,u f yo twanto whsee t at id woul lhaved ooke li yoke, n u ca ejusttodit ergeth esscenm frorf"sca ace" ws"sha rhankptedemion." heand o rati ssanzheketcs. li [ laght erught ] at wh p didfienn utnd ohi in s te inw rvie ewithapl cho? ll wego he m t hickto aednowlge on r thed ecorsithe ndze ape sco of d hisemrug apireolnd td pe qunn, "ote,ppi suorly me inheroth, meetamphe,aminai cocne d anjumarithana nyan a ebodylse in w the.orld ha i fve a oleetbmf suesarin, rp ais,laneck trud s ans.boat" d anmelet t juswhsay ouen y de rual di'gs, t m noesimprsed
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oaor bts. m i'esimpryosed veu ha bm suesarin. la [ erught ] i , meanncmy uasle hoa a bt. bu yt ife ou'rooso g dd atngeali s drughayou ulve me tipl arsubm, ines atakel- welrvdeseed w. bo th al mough saybesoave f me othat su inbmarnee mod y ana buy upback irt-sht. [ htlauger ] nti wale a ff et oesplanwa, i nt a t fleeruof t icks,t wana ee fl bt of, oatst-one t.shir [ htlauger ] sp ngeakime of o n whdlprouy sp ofeak ir thehe ricens, pd n an c el ahapodilso sescuso d wh , elselddonamp tru. pe rinn w "tes,nti metrion ump, el po chale smions irlyical yi sa"ang, i h, mo.amig" la [ erught ] an cad i imn't e aginthe nt coctradi tionsquhat ote cr d eatetrfor ump. ehe'slyxact k theofind ic mexan pr i edomiske to utep ot , buhe's al rso abuich sssinewhman o s likeme. n'i doowt kn t howelo fe. la [ erught ] [ auapplse ]
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w no hsomecrave iziticed li"roltong sfone" eir thr ur jostnalitaic sdsndarpe as nn isproml ed eo chapouhe we ld b tableado re p the biecee eforit s waispublhed. th hee otitr crm icisitis wath wh omanyscf ded ribeenas pn's el ataborite wrsting yle. an erd th ne istto bexaer emple t ofthhat hian tsss painage ic whnnh pecr des hibesinis fal inmeetthg wich el wapo,ngriti, qu "ote,o chap hputsrmis ar ove homy sr uldereand hnewsis re t ques ithat h seen im it eigh .days i' e ll bngsayidb gooowye ne ," h .says "a ist then mom et, i axpelor min av tr'selertu flae.lenc scwe einape tl subooe grd m ani in joco my gulleanses ithide e ng bu."alow ug[ la ]hter 'sthat h notouow ycr desa ibe ifartonn fr at ofg dru.lord 'sthat y howesou de cribrta fa a ate- winintastg. , mm'sthatyf plaitul wsuh a btle bl oom. , alsoavi tr lel aot. er th ne ischo sung thia as r minoeltrav fer'slelatunce. op peitle ehaher o ve nulflatence
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plthe ane. [ htlauger ] heat t o ende f th iday,e havto i bessmprehaed tnnt peag maned to ck tra d himown. d anr i foamone ki looorng fward to n thetiext eame snnn pe rvinte eiewsapl chteo af r he es s cape pfromn rison agaisix mo fnthsnorom w. hthiseeas b cn "ar lose."look ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] l we'ligbe racht bthk wie mor e "latt"nigh! ee[ chndrs ala app]use w nou yon caeacr yterouow ton ouritf yal fr oomvelide gars n' mosthwmoutinatershg di es,st ngarti$1 at .2.99 ch 3oose10 of ss claavic fesorit e to onjoye n one.plat li oke duricelusioew nhr spim virai olthwiob lerstlf adore ,a llfi pedtaasik lire sireibst lerttoliel anifol o,rn
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pl uusimnledital s aad ndfrhlesbay d cabethuse ste ber toutaof ily heis t y onereou on t ly ae olivengard . 'we areamll fheily re. eabrckdstier lovous, ywr nefa tevorich lunhe is re, dsbrea stickicandw
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pots, ininpo, outspor therhae got s btoa wae toy rede urem o p hoteloints. i stjut wan ttoa ake cava.tion isth c seemsrazy. ealloh ry? ll teme us sog wethin't don know,n captaious.obvi wiok. otth hcoels.m, ywhenolou c 1lectni0 yghtsetou g f oneree. oh . ouso yy onl tneedowo knw hoouto co nt t10 arto efrn a igee nt ht aesplacke lit thastnudior rest. ye dah i kon'thonow thw otat gre the. use becastyou heayed tre, a stookeelfian ng id huomt prtlinenony w theall. ?hm ls.chotethom. 'tey wonge jud uryoif lche ceois. never underestimate the power of ergne.izer our longest lasting energizer max ever.
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shmaoged tr ethed coule tastlikeoka coie? thyou think tey'd laste ikeda antes shd caews. pe nook, coie. weir d. la frabar.deood mam froodfo. [e ronilectunc soctd effes] bre acurseyo..lf. th fie errst evs gsf irehe. th wi h a 467oworse p er ngv8 eine... to uerqto vecngrife difntre..ial. d anembobrra
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ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] s >> weth:meelcok baclato "te t,nigher" evy.ybod sepleae givp it uthfor e 8g , bandyoeverne. [ rschee a anduspplae ] al veso, xcry e aited tbouthis. si g ttinitin we h tht grea8g nd ba w allfreek neom omy of rifavoante bwids, lco, n glenhekotche is re. gl tenn, yhankou. >> e nice to ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] s >> "eth: wstar" ars,o'wilcs al rebum edleast las, yeara not intie- n, isatominored f a mygramth in ste beer altvenati bu altem ca.gory hein tst firk weeebof fy,ruar u yocacan gltch anenn e d thband sat as erieolof st d ous showat oo br'sklyngs kinat thendre a so altc porerhestap's c itol trtheae. th yoank mu sofouch inr beg re heen, gln. lo g okinarforw td tohohe wle ek we.
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e thesshdog-g aminitwebses? iwhat, t iseois p wple,hat 'lthey il dokes taic a p oturef ei thg r doinlookilg guexty nt to li a sttlethign ayat sats wh the do d.g di re hen 's aplexame. i tlikedeo hini tenlls bas ndarou h the.ouse pr cetty rute,?ight ne anars r otheone. at i de my'saddyde woon fu urrnite. bu est the e armiall nor of esfenste, afarr seg chinheon t rninteweet, nd foue somitwebses ch much, muse worng this. no aw inme sege nt w call re"extogme dmi-shang." ap [ seplau ] >> seth: extreme, indeed. s let' atakek loourat ost fir g. do itaw, s 's itea cutl lity.e gu cwhat houldvee hae. don ani stndd kito of s theatide st ckarbu ys soanou cel't t l if ini'm e linotor n. [ htlauger ] d badog. wh no isext? oh li, i hike ty.s gu no h ways e wad a baboy. my ai e-mgnl sie aturliis "ve, la lugh,"ove.
12:54 am
do i evn't ugen, h. o whexis nt? , awouhe ct ldn' dhaveone an ngythi b tooad. twhen aherehrre triee u, nalsi ke ta m thee iddlone. [ htlauger ] foand e r thesladith in use hoe, at th h's abuuge .mmer ug[ la ]hter wh no isext? oh o , to.cute th aat'snyll acaone y.n sa fei re mr torly gindfrie"m as ' dy la." la [ erught ] , ohdobad g. wh no isext? oh at, whad an leorabpe puprs. i gechanki my did's oapern aurest er th ae isle whoti staoron f at th. li [ laght erught ] dobad g. iswho t? nex th uyis gad is leorab. wa i potch n rn opamy iend wh i ri hede twa suby. la [ erught ] d badog! al thso, isere si no dgnalown th ere. th eaat mouns ynl dowitoad in ad e.vanc
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, oh awhattt preocy poh. cwhat souldavhe hnee do. my er ownld woulen't gt meo idoutso e, soki tor ovea rafedeill bu idingegn oron. [ htlauger ] wh reat a t youg ryinroto pve? wh no isext? aw ! ithatl s aln i casay. aw . at whld couha he onve de. tei haie movil-spoers. th aat'sllctuat y nobad. oh it, waer, thmoe's re. ke lin whey a gu mtolde tt maon dams getmaoff rs. [ htlauger ] co n!me o strue.tory rl eatoier wday,ree weng goi to pu "st a watar sprs" r oileon at tht , bueawe rd lizeasit w too bi ag ofme bumd r anauthe cedien d woul uhates. la [ erught ] sobut dymebod. die ug[ la ]hter ee[ chndrs ala app]use co beuld bo anydy. co beuld bo anydy. ifbut h you'tavenn seeanit, d fi i tgure'sherey onlt abousix of , you kjustwhnow ouen y're wa ngtchi s it,odomebnny goe.a di
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yb ma'se it o onee f thnew pe .ople ug[ la ]hter dowho ha we exve nt? aw ! at whld couy the dhaveone? m i'g goindiact t stanl untithis h bitcksbreawi up m la [ erught ] my h. gos iswho n thepoext taoch tkinghe wa f lk oemextrame she? oh ! wh ouat child ttts liuyle ge hav ?done uck. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] dowho ha we exve nt? , ohkei li. him i' rkm wooning ch el s apo' next ca esunpe tnel. co n!me o [ rschee a anduspplae ] he sn doeee't nurd yop. hel o whexis nt? , oh awaitut mine! is thmy is , dogbefrise. befrishae, wd t didoyou ? ti goeeo slghp ri t at
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[ htlauger ] is fr ibee,oi'm ginng w o youver me so. day wthatexas "e tremshdog-g.amin" 'l we rl be bightwiack orth me at "lghe nit."
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aqwhen la.couintndm segs craion wilseady a r y forrtou ale the ndsecooo his ream is rdy, ya wh know beat he s?come eat grospropt'al! le ms talk ore goverolf. t.grea w hot ovabouener tnis? ev etteen br. a ga hame cnger! the y readu for yo oalert,at nly omlq.c.
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bwehtroug h youtoere day gtoouet yner hopist onionab thout ewis n. car eeto kinp thnbgs ud,iase emwe r aovedhell tos log. elfekes limw a b. ndremi as metl lite ofbit e likudan ai. so, this car supports app cleayarpl. , sirienopap ms. e shtsge it o alstehas en erdrivhn tecy.olog veit eten mue s tho radiluntith ate sets bel b areeduckl. m i' cveryusuriot i isthth is 16e 20vy cheib malu. an sd it fellsor? sitrttaats we ty-nto twvefi. atwh? w ohow. ani meh witthall ecis toghnoly.
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guys the sign's working! liget undamited o yota snu catc waeah, strnd dm, aoaownlwhd d ere an youwhent. wan ge
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ee[ chndrs ala app]use s >> oeth:irur fuest gs st ithe w ne ohosthef "tly daiw" sho on co cmedyalentr. ea plelse w tcomeato "lghe nit", ev troaor nh. ch[ rseend app ausla]e et>> sowh: h y areou? 'm>> iat gre! an thu k yo mveryuch! >> h: setha so yoppy hu'reere. t >>s hankucso mh. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] s>>h:etnd axt e trankha s, be e caus oyou,urf coyose, u've adonew shoghtonit. juyou inst fd isheinfilmd g an cayou veme orer he. >> n i'mseot u sd tongitti on co s.uche i rjustzeealiisd th. s >> yeth: oeah,yonce t u geon th -is -
1:02 am
>> c you san'tn it ouca coh ym anore. >> h: setho t ase t>>s hi nis-ot - thbut s is i.nice ithisces ni. an thorks fin hav.g me et>> shah: tounk y. an thorks fni opeitng wh a cr isitic om ofhaur cirs. [ htlauger ] w >> iell,ti cri ccizeesouch in ge l.nera et>> sxah: e.ctly arhow u e yo-- y doikou le e thtigreef ng othe gu aestsalnd w okingver? it k too lme ationg o me trefigu hoout sw towhit, o en tsit. d>> it idn' yknowe ou'rnot ossuppo ed tbesit tforehe pe srsonits. dni dino't katw th. s >> ieth:n' didtht eier. >> d oh,ouid yo als tmakehat mi e?stak et>> s mh: ithade isat m atakes ll we. t >>twhey d eetendme ay thewere ke liey, "hri, afcan! ug[ la ]hter hiin tuns co ttry,uehe gitst ss rs fit." d ans i wa, likemy"in nt coury, d we hon'tchave ."airs [ htlauger ] ncbalat ed iout. et>> shah: t at ise nicncbalae. wa i tanna - lk -soi'm d gla e we'rintalkoug abttt sianing d an st, dingusbecaure yost fir ow sher aft n theeaew y r, i ti noa ced gechanyo in hour sw. veyou'n beedistan lng ae ittl -more- y >>yees, ah. et>> st h: atothe tp ofhohe sw. y >> ieah,od stoic, wh h is ir wed. y wheodo plople t ok ae thes gsthin? 's iter a vy -- >> h: setl, welad i me e th sidecio on tt starinsittwng do itand t wasighe b ngestonews rt eah. li [ laght erught ] y >> weah, nell,heot tge bigst. s >> neth:heot tge bigewst ns on ea rth. >> wa it g s et>> st h: ibiwas wsg ne. op peaile pred moen att ttiono , itaicert tnly,i han anhad y pe exioctathens tuly wod.
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ini thatk thha's w wt itas. lepeope wer ljust "ike, dwow,id u yohisee ces fa?" li [ laght erught ] at thha's w wt itas. >> h: setet i ger a vcey ni ecrefl otionheff tar ced. o,>> nus i jcit detoded i -- s wa, liken i cad,stanan i c t. si ani mer , fo1110, rs yeave, i' sbeenintandelg, t plinge eopl s.joke so me, i than, s ere'eano ri son n' caant std d anhado t at on ow sh. an end thpl peoe e ar, like "why yodid anu std?" >> h: seth. yea >> i andik'm lbee, "e causi n? ca" [ htlauger ] yoevereane rntds i.o it t buani meli, i ouke yti sitng taor sg.ndin yo oku lod gooereith. way >> h: setnk tha v youmuery ch. >> h youniave egce ls. ha i nve afaice ce. >> h: setnk tha. you e thlemidd. an ced fa -- [ htlauger ] a is c car.rash i >>n' didntt wasa to y s >> yeth:enou medtion'v youe en beng doi10 it y, 11 aearss a d-stanup. ea>> yh. su sfccestaul sp.nd-u ca i t n noevbeli te --ishis the fi i rst d hearhiof tdas toy. pyourtsarene havr neve yseenou rf pe iorm,iss the? tru n >>o.o, n my en parefts rtouse ch wat me pe m.rfor thnot 'vat iiee tr fd to orce .them , no- my - mlikem y mon'doest nt waco to beme, e causisshe
1:04 am
e sh, saysan"i wivt prate jo "kes. o soayne dbe -- e causonsomee de mafe me adel b. th e ey'r, like, "heydowhy t esn' myouromom c ye toshour "ows? idi saec, "b sauseoehe d sn't twantmeo co." d an'rtheykee liha, "ta t's ngstramie faly. u yo tneedlko tahe to r." sso i "aid, mhey,whom, n'y dot u yo tcome so myhow?" m myasom we, liky? "wh" ug[ la ]hter idi sao , "th watcme." d ansashe "iid, w can yatchou at e. hom" ug[ la ]hter sa i "bid, tut ijoell "kes. s she', liketh"so toen sp ll tejoing atkes e. hom" la [ erught ] washe kes li w, "iprant e ivat s.joke" un i todershaod we t shwas sa ying. d an mthend,y das he' is swrms-geanan, jd hethust inks st upand-ed com ay is. lie -so - gh[ liugt la ]hter no 's, hell reafiy eft.cien h soese go d, "i lon'twhike at yo du're."oing oehe gyos, " lu're."ying sso i"way, dohat m you"ean? ayhe syos, "reu wethn't laere st ek we." so ai i swed, "thll, jat'sust wehow u setkep jos. s welaay 'eest wwak i i s the.'" an 'sd hee, lik, "nonono, . la [ erught ] yo reu wethn't yere,onou day't s it. th lat's."ying [ htlauger ] i' kem lika, "oy." s >> ieth:e lik hthatnte was yo su to"4ay, ys7 da, agos i wa sat auctarbks." >> h. yea - so -itbut ot's nig a bl, dea u yoknow? s >> yeth:- ou -aryou e vi oby ouslrvintengiewipl peoe w. no i nehad dover t ne irebefo i st d arteg doin.this hayou rad a shdio n ow i h soutcaafri. , sod you'rvintepeiew ople e.ther
1:05 am
an tronsitied? >> l, welea i moun, yve're ry ki nd. wa i -s onwa- i as onio rad ow sh3: at .m00 a 6. toa.:00 m. t oneehe w.kend ug[ la ]hter 'sthat h notg avindia raowo sh. at thei's bn ng idia raato stion wh o en nelone s se indarou. et>> seah: yn h, owethe d,eken pe eslycial. reyou' l notatike c theanlub d lepeop l are "ike,s let'onput me sok talo!radi" o,>> nit i llyeralw kneom-- se m ofnky lires wete to eoll pple, by w theifay, a yourure dnk, pl seasedrtop g ivint righnow. i and aknewy ll menlistbyers na me. i liwas "lke, e et m stakeome ca "lls. thand t en id woulikbe lohe, ", ll heavo, did." ug[ la ]hter o, "si as ysaidrdeste--ay" , "yesd,davi, yes"yes. gh[ liugt la ]hter itso, l was iike,n' didvet ha a ra shdio ow. so ha, i gd nos.uest et>> soth: g it. om>> couing ret he t wasirhe fst ti hme iikad l ee --iaspeclly a- glists.uest usbeca se in aoutha,fricad i h a stalk bhow,heut t tn --wahis s e thiecrazhist tng. s wep et ushthe ndow awe we re li "wke, oue shetld gry eveone. le get's l t alcethe itlebrinies wothe "rld. fiso, werst e wer, likee we'r g goinetto gze denshl waoningt. so ph we hione ops pen le i er am aica,e'nd wikre lwee, "'re ge g ttineldenz." d anpethe sople "aid,, yeahwe'd lo o ve toudo yowr sh." an wd weliere "tke, ishis ci ex."ting thand heen tk weee we'ringettg y reado to dshthe i ow, d askemy
1:06 am
heso wesn doze dent l gein?" ey thne phos d hilepeop t andhen s hilepeope wer, liket "whado meyou hean wesn doge he ?t in t gehein wre?" an 'rd wekee lio , "t h soutcaafri." an eyd thli're "wke, whoa,e ou thyoght reu wel. in a." li [ laght erught ] d anerwe wkee lihy, "wld wou an af n rica bshow le in.a.?" thand e ey'r, like a"whyoure y in doowg sh as ina?fric" la [ erught ] d an wthenrae scd tchethall e es guffts o t andwehen t jushad, li noke, st gues. >> h: set w youcaere g llin your ndfrieid davm frocathe n.ll-i ug[ la ]hter l"i'dtoike t meeinyou rs peon." he>> "avy, de." et>> shih: t as is t funtoime be ng doi k theofind ws sho we do . >> yes. >> h: setau bect'se i s an tieleceaon sson. th s is i fyour eirstiolectn as seon. >> s thiis. th i et>> sowh: h y areakou ttoing ? it hi>> t fs isstantaic. me i i an, ghthou wt itoias gng to se be s rioua and oflot ysanalanis, d -- [ htlauger ] d.i di di i d. th wat's--hat ho i t iught was , likei'oh, ttm gereing ady. so as i we, liky, okad rean up o is thff stud , an iwhatcas a ucus an e d the housepof rntreseesativ thand heen tl bil-- d an ithenjut's eost pgople ing, "m msusli h, go"ome! la [ erught ] d anreyou'e, lik, "ohi de unndrstat. tha 'sthatpl sime." so s it'cea niit -- 's a
1:07 am
>> h: setht rig. i >>e lik.that s >> weth:yohen ilu nas thi-- we thll, isere ad no edvancde gui to ri amepocan csliti. u yo thave to gooto anher trcoun ty, i, hinkolto flow. ea>> yh. et>> s wh: itoant , ask alactubely, e causmeyou nentiod ou abikt, lone, buping . y doeeou f wl --yohen veu ha a we ffek om fro syour whow,hen hayou hve as,iatuyo do elu fe e thefrelino of vit hao ng t fo tllowayhe dda-to-wsy ne? o or dstyou feill - el -usbecae sti'm trill tyinglao bathnce at supresf re o, like jam iust go toing t shuowit dr n foa ek we? a orgom i keing noep eofugh a to te inathe wo er tblbe a e to bcomeonack da mony? i >>'t donw. kno i t don' t-- i ihinkll sti ll foheow ts. new n'i doint th ik ofket lit. tha sti ju't donnk thiwh of at i k thint abounethe n ws ooff da ys. >> h: setht rig. o >> s ywhene ou'rinworkg, yo lu're "ike, hthisneapped. w ho fdo i"eel? d an othenotn andaher ouy, y're ju ikst lehe, "." li [ laght erught ] >> h: setht rig. 's ite. nic n on aweoff t'ek ials reicly ne to li be "oke, erh, te riblgsthin ar ppe hag enini and t don' have ayto sth anyabing itout ." >> ol absy utelinnothg. fe i ikel l oe anutff-dy li pon.cema looh, t ok a gthatunuy r. la [ erught ] et>> soth: njo my b. y >>eah.
1:08 am
ha fve aitavornde cae idatso fa r? is re thebo anyoudy ydr're awn to? y >> mrifavoante ctedida is n beoncars. s >> ueth:h.h-hu >> ea i me'n, hins go bg tot e ou so on. di med so"wone fooo" alr re? la [ erught ] oui thsoght e meond wooeand th - en -ahwoo-on, wracg ple. on wracg ple. s >> aeth:isw, m -read- >> mi damt! >> h: setre mishead tm! roo ha>> tsut's wch a "eird"woo. ybeverody! , nocaben hrsoneeas b n my rifavojute, ecst b oausew f ho-- li heke, s hasnyo maer lay s to m. hi tr isump mp tru. g i et>> seah: yh. >> b butaren cisson er layed. lhe'sa ike ofman te mysry. 's hee likou-- yw, knos he'got a erdangsious hade tybt mae dn dict't ay uallenhappic, whh is ev oren mnge das.erou [ t lighhtlauger ] an end the likveyou' - got- i -just j- hehaust as --e'nd hs il chled. i tlikehat. t onf op oytever, hing jhe'sust li "ake, h." [ htlauger ] et>> seah: yh. u yolyreal t getenhe sse wa ngtchi, himoehe d rsn'ty eall .care m he night- ot -ighe morht fget to l tele us hs dropout. [ htlauger ] >> on i dhi't te'nk h- ll -i
1:09 am
n' woowt knt tha she's itilln e th.race >> h: seth. yea ug[ la ]hter ik>> l'le heill st wl bengalki ou aroind g"ang, y nd m" plan-- la [ erught ] d anlepeopl wilikbe lyoe, ", wh o at dwayou nt? ju rdst oheer td. foo" h, "o i cane" hav -- we 't wonn eve tknowhehat 's dr d oppeout. et>> s vh: aawery d kwarntmome in i theurnaugn atiowhfor r oeve s,it ire whe'l youe,l seth in e grback, oundonsomeple exngaini b toaren c ison,ovt's iter, 's yonot u. wtheya ent erdiffwaent y. la [ erught ] >> n thel he'likbe lohe, ".", oh et>> so h: souobvi ysly,e ou'r owfolljoing ewn start. c hebaame ecck ry entlppto aear on s thehow. wh asat wli it avke h--ing ca bei use tknowtahe sa ff, lot of s the itaffe s th.same y >>es. et>> sbvh: olyiouse sam dibuilng. wh asat wli it avke hhiing ckm ba tivising? t'>> i ws --ow. it ik's ln e joarstewmit cong wbackikas l ie --lit's ke vi haoung yrer paconts o me tyour ho afuse yoter reu almoady ved ou t. ylikeeeou fkel liea, "y'mh, i ow gr.n up n i cahado wr teventi wa!" an end th'r youkee lih,, "o's mom ." an u'd yoikre lohe, "t , pu that .away thput waat ay." [ htlauger ] an u'd yoikre lste juin try g to utidyp. i t don' iknowatf thup's sd pose e to be.ther juyou anst pic. jo ewn stisart in comg.
1:10 am
heand us's jilt chouled t. he l was "ike,i oh, tlikehis pl moace owre nt than'i dorkt wo ."here et>> seah: yh. 's heir retoled pofice r.fice bevenr ette othanutff-dy. o >> sasit w, funghthou. asit wwe -- ay alwves haot a l f ofun. th hat'se ow wingot heto tw sho thtogeer. so wa it is --s t wal.chil t bupathe isnic ll stith in e om ro. , likei oh, whope de're ioingt gh rit. an 'sd het jus, likeon"i d't ca re." la [ erught ] >> et s th:t'haces ni. eli fee lik j-- iwaust o nt t ysay,e ou'rg doinlla hea of ajob,hend tdey maan a fictast oi chce. ha>> tounk ymu so ch. th yoank ryu veh. muc ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> sreh: tnovor evah, oderyby! w neodepisf es o d"the sailyhow" ai ndr mohray t toughdahursy gh ni ct ony omedracentl. 'l we rl be bightwiack th da crvid oss.
1:11 am
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1:14 am
[ rschee a anduspplae ] s >> weth:meelcok bacto "l niate " ght,ybeverody. ou xtr nest guean is -wemmynginnior actit, wrnder a dicomewhan, u o yo fknowrom es"arrdeted pmvelo aent"nd r. "mw. sho" tahe sn rs id "todarmargonet" if hic, ws ch i fbacktsor ird thi as seon. pl weasemeelcoth to owe she , th fvery dunny cavid.ross
1:15 am
>> ea i l trnedhtonigt thahe t can'dosit ntwn u sil iit. [ htlauger ] [ rschee a anduspplae ] s >> heth:reow a? you 'm>> id, goo. man yohow inu dog? s >> ieth:bet's wen a.hile eli fee likvei hasen't ouen y a inle whi. la [ erught ] i >>s t ha abeenle whi. ah ye. d >>u o yo imind--f i t wha enhapp is ift jushido ts? s >> yeth:anou cth do buat, t i ha o ve th matcit. >> r allight. au [ cedien ] ohs ee[ chndrs ala app]use gveryood. ah ye. >> h: set"t so maodd etrgar."
1:16 am
s >> beth:foack asr sehron tee. y >>ep. et>> sodh "trgd ma",aret you sh thoot owe shth in k.e u. [ t lighhtlauger ] u >>h.h-hu et>> sowh: h t areowv shs ff dit erentishoon ng ianengld rs veerus he? >> t um,-he - ug[ la ]hter mathe ifin dncfere, e isthand is g is toinguno sorod derygato, t bu nit'sot. d an ei'llinxplat i pebut dople won'tasork d har ov heer tre. li [ laght erught ] sh i souldthay, e ey'rusnot ed to ki wors ng a ahard ds weo. e,wher k you onow,shn a erow he in s thes,tate w you york,ou , knowmumini hm 12.ours n if4,ot 1ho 15 urs. an end whfi we werst vent or e therweand tr're tyingrko wo 1pastur0 hoeos, parple kee li, "w "hat? yo owu kn. t bunghavid sai, that -they- i ca san't ouy enoogh gind thgs ou abe t th acastrend cw. ev oderyb ny --y obodhebitcd t abouit. ybevergoody h,t, oy' there
1:17 am
mo ucre sfucessanl ths. our ug[ la ]hter --and s >> beth:heut teyn thno'll w wa o nt tinput e the extrat.ffor >> as i wer inf tringhat. gu i i ess inwas inferratg th. rteffo. ey thl wilthand o.ey d yobut n u ca, tell'rtheyste ju >> h: setan i w- na -reyou ally ednail-- it la [ erught ] ve has thi.year h,>> onk tha. you et>> shih: t ns isew. is thth is ase sehron tooee lk. ca beyouse d u dilonot hiok ts wa ty inirhe foust cseple s.ason hi>> ts -- gh[ liugt la ]hter ahyeth, wie isg um h hanair. it ll's aan humr, haiy ver nsexpechive e inesonprisan hum .hair et>> soth: gcha. [ htlauger ] inow,or'm sisry, p thenerisor tt puthing g e withtoger er o-- n >>t'o, ieis thirr ha. s >> teth: hheirair. ok goay, .tcha >> t and ghis,e oatellis a my n owhaass ir. s >> weth:ow! [ htlauger ] y >>eah. wh isich --n't t' that s no so inmethwag i , ntedthbut ste ca edwantt. tha -so - et>> sh,h: o. wow ea>> yh.
1:18 am
y soerou ware aw ye --erou we e awarasit wpe hap.ning dohow y theesharv?t it gh[ liugt la ]hter >> l, welo i gr under.wate go i er under wat t forayen ds. >> h: sety. oka w >> hhich melpsitake ye -- ah, it ea's ser watd , anakit mt es i re mour lux aioust nd i gets ienutrnts. d anbri'm d usheg alonthe ba r rrie.reef i higo ty s wathand ayat w. la [ erught ] itand es makmo it efre r ainednd lk siy. et>> selh: wt'l, irts wo.h it ea>> yh. ug[ la ]hter et>> st h: ilyreald paioff. >> us it p ed u omostr f ou dg bubuet, aht yeth, i itink was wo itrth . >> h: set v i'mexery d citet abou , thisusbecakne i ouew yst fir fr mrom "ow. shne", oth of e ea grl-t al stimeh i'but lsve aeno se p yourmerfo d-stanup. an u'd yoacre bink doang st d-up ai agn. u' yon re o.tour y >>eah. et>> sxch: eg?itin ea>> yerh, vciy ex.ting , yeaht abouo to gir-- foust tr s ineaix yrs. doand --ing k you unow,lysual wh 'ven inee go b oute,efors it' okindouf, yw, kno 25, it30 cies. t bui'now inm go ag to o lotf nd kism of r alleesplac. er whope peonle dav't h de torive fo r ur o hfive tourse o seme.
1:19 am
i'and am --hond trese aay alws al reunly f. s >> yeth:- ou -diyou edrect a fi lm. >> hm mm-m. et>> shah: tu t yoedrais the ne mo ky ontaicks.rter al smpller , acesreyou , ally , likelyrealwe sho fd upor pe .ople ea>> yeah, yh. st diteribu it. >> h: sety. oka ->> i g- weinot fngancior pri t tohat. bu jut i idst dwan't o nt t send utit ore theth in pie tycal di invie mohee, wt re is play in yonew ndrk a. l.aa for aweeknd soand ra we mised toneyo st diteribu a it,o nd gowto tns i ha ved neenr evrd hea y of,ou an end thid i de somrisurpse gu --est s >> seth:keo liyo if u, si bay calltedonaned mo ty tohe stkickr,arte w you couldanome d pe m rforeoin ps ple'e?hous hi>> tuls wot d noot-- n for ybeverody. [ t lighhtlauger ] >> h: set y butidou dth do at. i >> d didato th. at th o wasf ne oprthe wizesas i we o nt tt -- ienhapphaed te t th gu o y whwabid oms fron edm ton,
1:20 am
la [ erught ] d anasit wso aweme. it r wasy eallfun. d anasit ws thianguy ybd mae t 40 po 50e eoplhiin tnks pu ba nd. a and h buncolof fks. an end th l tedi eo, t don' know y ifnoou kd w te--leo s >> yeth:eah. >> t edbackup me . an red i road fm v"thea aginlomono" gueshiin ts y' guuss hoe. la [ erught ] et>> sowh: w. ea>> yh. s >> seth: jo heinust d vite ndfrieers ovhi to uss hod e an , said, "heyd davis cros tcameo h my aousee'nd hins go rg toead fr thom 'gie vaonna mueologs'?" [ htlauger ] >> di he udn'tasse pnst tee. gh[ liugt la ]hter - be- se e? e se hwhatnsappen whedoyou n't >> h: seth, yeact exaly. we i ll, thave ho bet,ones i'm sifocuesng l ms onamy granmar d omoree n thnsinteree coko worut 's itin tak rg ton emaihion ts iv swhael cir. >> y howoiou dng? >> h: set g i'mood. i' alm reooly gd.
1:21 am
up? s >> yeth: leah, det'se o on .more ea>> yllh, aht rig. ug[ la ]hter al ghl rit. >> h: set u so,m -- [ htlauger ] ee[ chndrs ala app]use u yoboand enb od dkirkid r. "mw. sho" ob slvioue y, wiomentitned rl eaier. >> , yepyep. >> h: set t andyehis ouar y tu re trned ao dotc skeowh sh on ne x.tfli ep>> y. >> h: setye 16 ars? ithas n beeea16 yrs? >> ce sin l the"mast sr.w"ho, ye .ah et>> shah: wvet ha - youat- wh ss le--ons t whadiwas enffert g doineta skhoch s yw 16 ears telar? el>> we'l, wllre ate fatr. . no [ htlauger ] we al're dl --itefinwiely inser ho ww to sriteheketcnds, a t don're-- ack quio er tlet st gouff . e we'rasnot ci prewious urth o uf stymf anore.
1:22 am
nelearped, scacifi blly,ndob a i, we is pr're inoducg. llso a s theheketcats th we e wrot wwhenree wes, kid em sey,ingl g and loing--ike ea "yheh, then a ptlicouher, , me cod s ans pick uthem, p byyou kn a ow, e.cran" d an'rtheykee liow, "h w aree in go dg toato th?" d "i kon't ynow,e ou'rthe di orrect! fiyou iguret!t ou" w noe we'rhaon tdet si w, soe're te g llinodanybkey liea, "yo,h, n cayou han't hve aopelic"ter. knyou ow? [ htlauger ] et>> slsh: ao o, dthyou i'ink ll er eve losirmy vtygini? la [ erught ] u >>him, wouch cornselyo do u li gake ain? gh[ liugt la ]hter >> h: setry eve gbodyitive up fo vir daosd crs! ee[ chndrs ala app]use lathe hrst tpiee es sodeof od "trgd ma" aretthair is th ayursdif on c. r forminfon atiot aboud'davis an st td-up vour, isit l we'ligbe racht bthk wiic mus om frmb x adoassars.
1:23 am
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1:29 am
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1:30 am
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1:31 am
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1:32 am
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